How to Make Money on the Internet

Today, people tend to rely most of their activities on the internet like shopping, hotel & flight booking and many more. Many companies hire employees through the internet too thus making money from the internet is easy. Here are some internet money making tips:

  1. Writing – Quality content is in demand if the website or business owner wanted to attract traffic and possible client for their business so they hire writers to take care of it. An expert writer can earn as much as $20 -$30/article while average writer earn around $10 – $15 per article. Those who are beginners but has writing skills usually gets $5 -$10 per article.
  2. Blogging – if you are fond of writing what you observed around, blogging is the best money making activity for you. You can write various topics that interest you like sports, gardening, parenting and so on. First you need to buy domain name and hosting, then create a site using ready to use website like WordPress and start putting content into it .Regular posting of content will allow the Google bot to visit your site regularly and index it in the search engine. Once your blog gets good traffic you can start putting pay per click ads or affiliating in some shopping sites like Amazon & Ebay.  Clickbank is also one of the best affiliate site that can give you passive income.
  3. Virtual Assistant – Many companies hire employees that works online. If you want to work office job while at home becoming a virtual assistant is best for you. A virtual assistant work is flexible. It may be more on office job like encoding, data entry, research or telecommunication but sometimes they also writes content, SEO, social media promotions, lead generation and many more. A virtual assistant pays $3- $6 per hour or if it’s long term $500 – $600 a month.
  4. Online shop – Having own website that present your products will allow you to reach more customers. If you are selling something like beauty products, jewelries, flowers and many more, create a shopping website. First buy a domain name and hosting, if you don’t have an idea how to build a website, hire a web developer to help you.
  5. Online Survey – There are companies who pay to get information about their product standing through online survey. You will get paid by just answering survey questions.

There are more ways how to make money in the internet that was not mentioned in this article however if you want to earn money from the internet choose what fits your skills and start doing it now!



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